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Camberwell House Painters – It’s Bill from Melbourne City Painting and here we are at this amazing Camberwell weatherboard home that’s been maintained and repaired by the crew. Because it’s been about 15 years since there was any work done.

On this west side, the weatherboards have fared quite badly and they are in need of some serious attention. With cracks that need to be repaired, flaking paint needs to be removed, nail holes need to be punched, and then the front of the home needs at least two coats.

Camberwell House Painters Before And After Photos

We’ll be painting the trim in Brunswick green, and the red will be color matched to match the original home because the clients would like to keep the original color as is. We’ll be replacing faulty and rotten weatherboards and once everything has been repaired and replaced, the whole entire home will get sanded so that it is ready to receive the new coat of paint.

Will also get washed down from top to bottom to make certain that the new paint is able to stick and create a great bond so that the weatherboard home is protected for another 10 years minimum.

You can see there is a fair amount of trim here all the windows will be sanded smooth so that they can receive a new coat of paint all the exterior doors will be painted and so will all the downpipes, the gutters, the fascias, the eaves.

Camberwell House Painters

This client who lives in Camberwell has spent at least 30 years in this home and the last time they did any maintenance work on this home was about 15 years ago. So let’s well due for some additional time to be spent to protect the weatherboards to ensure that the weather does not rot any more weatherboards than necessary.

As you can see there are quite a number of weatherboards where the paint is flaking off completely and we need to attend to that to ensure that the weatherboards are not exposed to the weather and the cracks do not allow water to penetrate. If you are in Camberwell and you’re looking for a five-star painter please call Bill at 0403-162374

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