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Clifton Hill Painter

Clifton Hill Painter. Are you in need of a great painter in Clifton Hill? Check out our google reviews and call Bill on 0403 162374 for a free consultation. Hi there, everyone, it’s Bill from Melbourne city maintenance. And today I am at ABC Photosigns, my long term client 10-year relationship with these guys, where we normally go out and about and paint their properties that they redo with signs for real estate agents.

Clifton Hill PaingingClifton Hill Painging

So, here today, the job is all about getting the place painted, so that they can redo their own signs because it’s been about 15 years since the building was painted and the signwriting was done. And it’s time for them to do a bit of an upgrade, and remove their old signs and change the look and feel of the building and also their corporate image.

So we’re going to be removing all the signs that are on the wall. And we’ll be taking care of the cracks that are in these walls because some of them are allowing water to penetrate. And that’s causing some problems on the inside of the building. So we’re going to attend to all of those before we start painting over them.

Clifton Hill Painging

And you’re going to see a massive difference in this job once it’s done. It’s quite a large building, it’s about eight meters high, we won’t be painting these roller shutters because they are going to look terrible if we repaint them, and then they start peeling or the paint starts coming off.

They’re not designed to be painted. So the owner of the building is going to do something to sort them out. But it’s quite a big building it goes for ages. And we’re going to have it all sorted. Now here we are, we’ve done some of the work already most of the bottom half of the building is done.

And we’ve cut in some areas at the top of the building, where the painting will start in the next few days. And we’ve had some really good weather and made some great progress. And now the black painting has completely covered this wall and you’re getting a feel for what it’s going to look like when it’s complete.

And we are just so pleased that we have had a 10-year relationship with this client and we are the go-to company for all their painting needs. Whether we’re painting one of the real estate offices that they are doing or their own property. We’re just so proud to still be working with these guys after 10 years.

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