Commercial Painter Melbourne

Commercial Painter Melbourne

Commercial Painter Melbourne – It’s Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance. And here we are for the first job of the year at South Oakley College, where we were contacted by staff to attend to an unsightly facade which had been damaged by five or six years of weather.

And as a result had started to look quite terrible, with moss and mildew growing on the surface of the building, as well as a lot of stains, and a lot of dirt that was associated to trees and animals in the area.

And we were asked to come and attend to this. And the process that we were going to follow required some excess equipment like a boom lift, it required high-pressure washing.

And it required us to ensure that the surface was left intact because it is an asbestos building. And we wanted to make sure that we didn’t disturb any of the asbestos. So there was no sanding, or any other type of preparation done to this building, just washing with a hose to remove all the excess dirt and debris.

Commercial Painter Melbourne

And as you can see, it did look quite unsightly. And this part of the building is the part that the parents and the children see when they first enter the property. And it’s not really pleasing to the eye. And after five years, the paint is at risk of peeling and cracking.

And as a result of that, that could allow for water to get into the property and make additional damage to the inside of the building, which would be silly. And the maintenance team at South Oakley college wanted to address the exterior of the building to ensure that there was no unnecessary damage to the inside of the property as a result of neglect.

And you can see this quite a lot of damage from mold and mildew. But it’s nothing too dramatic. And the majority of the surface is in quite good condition. And it just needs to be attended to a little more regularly, I would say.

Commercial Painter Melbourne

And regular maintenance plan would be the best thing for this building that would allow for the property to not get to this point where it looks so unsightly, it’s a little better on this side of the building, which is the south side it gets less weather. And as a result, we had less trouble removing the debris and cleaning this area.

Nonetheless, it still had the same amount or the same type of care taken and preparation taken to ensure that we were going to create a perfect surface for the client to go over and stick to so that we could give the clients some certainty around at least another five or six years of solid coverage from the paint that we’ll be using.

Now, cute umbrellas are a standard issue for the team at Melbourne city maintenance in the possibility that it might be raining. But in this case, we didn’t really have to worry too much about rain because high-pressure washing was used to remove the majority of the debris.

Commercial Painter MelbourneCommercial Painter Melbourne

And you can see the job is looking fantastic already. But there were some flaky bits where the paint did come off because of the high pressure washing. So it’s not enough to just wash this building and give it no more paint after that. It definitely needed to be washed, and then it needed to be painted, and that’s what we did.

This exterior paint job started to come together when we started to put the first two coats on at the top of the building. And then by the end we got some amazing results and it looks just fabulous. Even the sun came out for us to make sure that we got the best photos on the day.

But you can see that the result is fantastic. And now the building at the front of the facade looks fabulous. And this is the first thing that people see when they enter the building now rather than the dirty moldy and mildew on the front of the building, which wasn’t pleasant.

And for the type of year that the children had in 2020 with all the COVID restrictions and lockdown the school have done a fantastic job to welcome them back and to give them a school and a building and a property that they’d be happy to attend to.

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