Interior House Painters

Interior House Painters

Interior House Painters – Here we are at a home that has been handed back to the owner after the tenants left which desperately needs our interior house painting services. In this particular case, the house was in serious disrepair. The owner removed all the carpets and then had us come in to do the preparation and cleaning of the walls and all the surfaces that needed to be painted, so that we could begin the process of repainting and making it fresh again.

In this particular case, it was easier to remove all the doors from the frames and paint them off the frame so that we could easily access the frames holding up the doors. We laid drop sheets on all the other surfaces that did not have carpet, like the tile surfaces.

Interior House Painters

And we began the preparation process by sanding all the doors’ timberwork, architraves, and skirting boards. Then, we went about repairing all the imperfections in the walls and ceilings, which included a lot of holes and damage caused by the tenants but also by pets.

Some of the walls actually had quite large holes in them that had been made either with a foot or by hand. So, we arranged with a plasterer to come back to the house and assist us with those holes so that they could look like they never happened once the repair was done.

This was quite a large home with bedrooms in total, and the painting process involved starting with the ceilings, finishing those, and then working our way down the walls, doing all the walls, then doing all the timber work, the doors, and then rehanging all the timber work, all the doors back on the frames.

We also took the handles off most of the doors, although it’s not visible in this particular video. But then they were all replaced and put back on, and the place is going to look brand new again. You can see the color in the before and after is very similar, as the client wanted us to paint the house in a very similar color.

So we went ahead and did that. The doors are quite shiny, and we’re going to finish them in a similar semi-gloss enamel. The same goes for all the timberwork, skirting boards, architraves, etc. Stay tuned for the next video to see what the place looks like when it’s all finished and done. All the doors are back on, and we’re handing it over to the client.

Interior House PaintersInterior House Painters

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