Painter Tullamarine

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Painter Tullamarine. Here we are at 15 Trevi Close in Tullamarine. Where this former tenant of this factory called Melbourne City Maintenance so that we can arrange to have the place painted fully inside and out, because they were vacating the property, and they needed a freshen up.

Painter TullamarinePainter Tullamarine

So we went about attending to all the walls inside and out. And inside the factory, these walls were quite dirty, because of the basic wear and tear of the place was getting from people working inside the factory. And we also attended to the common areas.

And the kitchen, which just had scuff marks more than anything that we needed to get sorted. So we attended to all of that stuff. We also had the cleaners through after we were done to be managed their process as well. So we’ve got everything nice and clean and painted all the walls.

Painter Tullamarine

And the toilets, I must admit, we’re a little bit grubby. So we’ve got the toilets cleaned, and mopped and all sorted and we painted over walls. We did the same with all areas my people use on a regular basis. And I know this is not that glamorous. But we also attended to that shower and the flyscreen.

And we painted these areas where previously there was a whole bunch of desks and people were located taking phone calls, it’s kind of like an admin area. And as we go up the stairs, the stairs had a fair amount of damage, including dents from what looked like furniture that was taken up and down the stairs from time to time.

Painter Tullamarine

And this other salesroom or sales area with this little kitchenette also needed some love. And this kitchen was quite dirty. So as part of the cleaning process, everything got cleaned. And then we finished up by cleaning the carpet steam cleaning the carpet and washing all the windows inside and out. And now they are really amazingly clean.

It took us about three or four days to complete this job. We began the process with painting the outside once that was complete, we continued the painting on the inside, and then we arranged for all the cleaning to occur. And it was done in that order completed in about three or four days.

And then handed it over back to the client. And what a difference. The windows were a little dirty, they weren’t too bad. You could see out there but obviously, now they’re spick and span. They’re very clean.

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