Albert Park Painter

Albert Park Painter

Albert Park Painter – It’s Bill here from Melbourne City Maintenance. We are in Albert Park and the client has asked us to do some internal and external house painting of this beautiful old home where recently she had her kitchen floorboards, re-polished and made to look brand new.

And she felt that it was time that we also painted and freshened up the rest of the windows in the kitchen, as well as the walls which needed some work prior to being repainted.

Albert Park PainterAlbert Park Painter

And we were going to remove this particular feature wall because it was old and dated. And then we’re also going to paint the skirting boards, the architraves, the ceiling but first, we had to protect all the surfaces of the new floor with drop sheets in the new kitchen.

And we removed the lights so that we can paint around them. And you can see the difference in the two colors between all the new is very subtle, so not a big difference. But in the end, it looks really sharp, clean lines, lovely and bright and fresh.

Good for another 10 or 15 years and really protects the surfaces in this house and it looks really amazing and a joy to be in this house and sit in here and enjoy dinner with the family. beautiful kitchen.

Then we also replaced rotten weatherboards outside on the garage on the second level and there were quite a few rotten weatherboards. We removed the flaking paint sanded all those weatherboards to make sure that we removed anything that was going to cause a problem later on.

Albert Park Painter

We re-sealed all the way the boards with caulking filled and punched all on our house we had to apply for a permit and traffic management plan to close the road. Because we were going to use a boom lift to get to the difficult to reach inaccessible areas because the windows were slightly too high.

So in order to paint them properly, needed to make sure that we were on the boom lift quite high up about eight meters off the ground. And then we can easily attend to those windows and paint them and make them look fresh and make the rear of the house look awesome again.

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