Fitzroy Painter

Fitzroy Painter

Fitzroy Painter – It’s Bill here from Melbourne City Maintenance. And we are in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. And we’ve been asked by our client to paint this two-bedroom apartment and change the color from mint green to a brighter white color.

It’s been quite a few years since the place was painted as it has been leased out. And the walls have some scuff marks some cracks and some minor imperfections that we need to attend to.

Fitzroy PainterFitzroy Painter

We’re going to take the Hawks out of the walls and repair the holes that the Hawks have left, we’re going to sand all surfaces, we’re going to give two coats of paint to the walls, the ceilings, the architraves.

We’re also going to give two coats of paint to the windows and the doors. And we’re just going to make this place look a little brighter and a little fresher. And the lighter color is going to actually make the space look a little bit larger and give more of an open feeling.

Fitzroy PainterFitzroy Painter

After we’ve done all the work, you can see that the difference is quite amazing. It’s very bright and light. And now the walls are ready for the new tenant to dress up and make them feel at home and make them feel their own style.

So we were very lucky with this job we were told the carpet was getting changed so we didn’t have to use drop sheets. And then we went about putting two coats and everything and freshen everything up and making the place look really clean so that there’s nothing for the owner to do other than remove the carpet and replace the carpet.

And then once they’ve done that, the new tenants can come in. The bathroom is nice and fresh now and clean. And we’ve also created amazing-looking doors that are really good to handle. And the place just looks very sharp and clean. We tidied up the kitchen and freshened up the walls in the kitchen. So that really now there’s nothing here that is going to make the new tenants feel like they’re getting a good low-standard home.

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