Northcote Weatherboard Repairs

Northcote Weatherboard Repairs

Northcote Weatherboard RepairsOkay, so here we are at this weatherboard house in Northcote. And we’re here to remove some rotten weatherboards and do some exterior painting. Because we’ve got some issues with moisture hanging around in this spot here.

And as a result, it’s making the boards rotten at the joints. And we are going to remove all the boards that have rotten joints so that we can replace them. And you can see how we’ve taken off the first 10 rows.

And we realized that that would be easier than trying to repair individual boards and then make a whole additional amount of joins. And as we go across. This is the reason why we’ve removed all those boards these issues that we have with water penetrating the joints, and a lack of maintenance over the years has made them swell and rot.

Northcote Weatherboard RepairsNorthcote Weatherboard Repairs

And there were way too many of them for us to leave behind. And we continued the same theme and the same process at the rest of the house. On the side here, this is the left west side of the house.

And it was just so many rotten weatherboards that it was easier to take them off again. So we’ll replace these in the next few days. And we’ll tidy up all the joints that have been left behind that are still in good condition. And we’ll make sure that they’re going to last another quite a few years.

This is how bad the rot got in some places. And when it’s that bad, there’s really nothing to do than just remove the board you don’t want to refill that we’ll take off all of the downpipes so we can get access to the back of the boards properly.

Northcote Weatherboard Repairs

And then we’ll reinstate those weatherboards we’ll sand those downpipes. And then we’ll sand all of the boards and all the windows so that we can give them another two coats of paint and keep them going for a little bit longer.

Now here are some other areas along the bottom of the windows where we had rot. And we removed that rot as well by replacing the entire architrave with the same architrave from the local timber supplier.

And that way, this problem won’t continue and won’t look unsightly and we will replace again, all the faulty weatherboards and damaged weatherboards we’ll fill gaps and cracks with all the appropriate fillers.

Northcote Weatherboard Repairs

And we’ll put undercoat where it’s necessary. And these windows are going to go white. And some of the walls are going to be white when we’re finished with them. So we’ll just make sure that they get enough coats to cover the old color.

And here we are now with the new weatherboards on all the nail holes showing. So in a moment, we’ll go about filling all the nail holes of the old weatherboards all the holes of the new weatherboards, and all the knots.

And we’ll make sure that when we leave they’re 100% sealed so that water cannot penetrate. And now the joint is seamless. And you can hardly see it, there’s only one joint in the middle of the span of weatherboards.

So we placed down a six-meter weatherboard. And roughly the other piece was about four meters long. And there’s only one join in the middle. And we did the same on this other side. And there you go. You can see that we’ve removed the faulty architrave or the rotten architrave.

Northcote Weatherboard Repairs And Painting

And we’re just going to tidy up all the stuff that’s going on in the back of this weatherboard in the back of this architrave because it looks like it was a bit messy when it was put on by the previous contractors.

And now everything’s looking really fantastic. And in a moment we’ll go about filling all those holes and remove any imperfections and also make sure that water cannot penetrate. And this is something that has to be done regularly. Because if you leave it too long, then this is how far we have to go. We have to take off a lot of the paint that’s flaking off.

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